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Recording at Monster Island done with the finest modern and vintage analog gear available.

Analog recording is done with an MTR-90 mkII most often at 15ips with Dolby SR.

Digital recording is down with ProTools 10HD, with RADAR Nyquest converters.

Bands are able to track live with everyone playing simultaneously, with isolation for drum, bass, guitar, keys, vocals and additional instruments if necessary.

The drums are left set up and miked with the entire signal path patched. There is essentially no set up time for drum recording. This is available for guitar and bass, your time is spent recording rather than setting up. It one of the reasons it often costs less to record here than in studios charging a fraction of the hourly rate.

The top musicians in NYC can be provided. There's one particular team known as The Number One Sons , who are known for the hit records they've played on. This is a very popular team to request.

See the STUDIO page for a detailed list of recording equipment.


Mixing is done as an analog digital hybrid. Some mixes must pass through analog circuitry to sound good. The recallability of digital is a big advantage, so I have a couple of approaches that allow the mixing to be done with an analog console, and still you're still able to change levels later without recalling the mix.

This approach can generate stems which can be used as part of a live performance, for instrumental mixes to use for remixes and licensing and you will be able to open your session years from now even if you no longer have access to the same plugins that were available while mixing.

Plugins will be used during mixing for applications where plugins work better than analog hardware.


Attended Rate: $150/song

Unattended Rate: $100/song

FTP is available

Mastering is done with a mix of analog and digital tools. It depends on the state of your mixes and how much correction needs to be done.


For the past five years, Mike Caffrey has been providing still and motion visuals as an option in conjunction with recording, or in some cases it's the sole service provided.

He's shot album covers, magazine covers, book covers and countless photos that artist are using for publicity and to build their brand.

He's directed music videos and shot product demo videos that have been described as the industry reference recording equipment demonstration videos.

The Dead Exes pitch video for Levi's, w/Tony Kaye

Mike Posner - Bamboozled

The Last Internacionale

Tony Kaye - Deatchment

Boys Like Girls - Bamboozled

Tony Kaye - Hell Of Compromise

Tony Kaye - Don't

Mates Of State - Now

"Where monster sounds come from"